What I Believe the Bible Teaches

The purpose of life

I believe that there is a clear purpose for human existence. I believe that there is a need to recognise that mankind is responsible to his Maker. And in recognition of that responsibility, God offers to all who will accept His authority and live according to it, a place in an everlasting Kingdom to be set up on earth at the return of His Son Jesus Christ. I believe that time to be near. The Old Testament prophets predicted times in exact accord with that around us today. So we would ask that you personally consider these things, that you become familiar with your Bible to seek these things out. Remarkably, they have long been lost to the general world through the traditions of a religious philosophy that has for many centuries been seeped in pagan tradition, mythology, pomp and ceremony. Establish these things for yourself by studying the Bible message directly from the Bible itself.

Sharing a belief

If the Bible message is to be shared, how can this be done?
Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.” Matthew 5:15

For this reason, many people have come together as a world-wide fellowship to help each other to maintain Bible beliefs and to assist in letting others know of their understanding of Bible teaching. This group of believers has the name of Christadelphians, which is a word derived from the Greek words for ‘Brothers and Sisters in Christ.’ A summary of Christadelphian beliefs, with supporting quotations, is provided in the pages that follow. Check for yourself that these provide an accurate endorsement of the relevant statement.

The Bible is a Book that has the solution for mankind’s problems. Learn about it, for it will provide the path to achieve eternal salvation.


Download a PDF of a Summary of Bible Teaching.

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