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Perhaps you have only just been introduced to Christianity, or perhaps you feel you know a lot about it. Whichever category you fit into, you will most likely benefit from the Bible Course that we have to offer.

Introduction to the Bible

This is a beginners course on how to study the Bible and some basic principles explained as obtained from the Bible. It would be a great starter for the new ones amongst you, and a great refresher for the ones with a little more ‘experience’.

The course is free or charge, and once you start, if you feel you don’t want to complete it, it will be stopped at your request.

The course consists of 16 lessons. Each lesson has a set of questions which need to be completed and submitted from this website. This will allow you comment or ask questions. Once we have answered your questions/comments we will send you an email with a password which will allow you to access the next part of the course.

To learn the most you possibly can from the course you will be required to answer the questions of each lesson before the next lesson password is sent to you.

Common Questions about the Course.

How often do the lessons come to me?
The password for the next lesson will be sent to you after you have submitted the previous lesson’s questions. We will aim to send the password and/or next lesson back again within about 1 week from receiving your answers. Sometimes this time period will be larger depending on our work load.

Does the course cost anything?
No. It doesn’t cost anything to participate in the course. The only thing it requires is a small amount of your time.

Do I get a certificate for completing the course?
No, you do not. Bible Answers is a non-profit organisation (it is all done by voluntary work).

Can I share my lessons with other people?
By all means. Some people like to do them in large groups and discuss what the lessons say.

What format are the lessons in?
The lessons are read and completed online, so all you need is this browser you’re using right now.

Lesson 1
You can start Lesson 1 right now, if you wish – it is not password protected. You can find it here.

Bible Course

  • If you would like to participate in the Bible Course, please complete the following form, and our Bible Course co-ordinator will be in contact with you. Please note that this course is free and is without obligation. If you do not like the course after you have started it, then all you need to do is ask to be removed from the course.


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lenora sloan
lenora sloan

i am very excited about this study. i am raising my 22 month old grand-baby so this is something I can do in my free time. God b the glory .