The Creation

A few thousands of years ago, there was nothing, then God decided to make the world. Now God has so much power that He can do anything He wants to. He’s got far more power than we can even think about.

Do you know that he made the earth and everything on it in just six days? That’s what the Bible tells us. God had lots of Angels to do what He told them to do.

This is what He made on Day 1:
He made the earth, and it was all dark so God made some light, and made part of the day dark, and part light, so there was night and day. And that was the very first day and night that there ever was.

On Day 2 God commanded that there should be a space between the earth with its water, and the water that was all round it in space. Up above the earth, God called sky, and he made the air we breathe. Later, the water up above the earth came down as rain during Noah’s flood.

Day 3 saw some big changes. God made all the water on the earth go to one place, so that dry land could be seen. He called the area of water, Sea, and the area of land, Earth. All the countries in the world were together at that time. God was very pleased with what he had done. Then on the land, he made grass to grow, and plants that would grow seeds, and fruit trees which would grow plenty of nice fruit to eat. Each one of these plants would then make more plants just the same. And God was pleased with those things He made too.

Day 4
Some more big things were made on the 4th day. God made the sun and the moon and stars, and he put them all in their orbits (which means the way they go round in space). He made the sun to control the day and the moon to shine in the night and to control things on earth like the tides in the sea. And God was pleased with those things He had made, too.

Day 5
On Day 5, God turned His attention to the sea, and He made all the things that are in the sea, like sea monsters (yes, there used to be some sea monsters about the time of dinosaurs) fish, and even sea weed and coral and things for the fish to feed on.

Then God made all the birds that fly in the air, big ones and little ones. God commanded all the fish and all the birds to have many young babies so that there would be lots of them on the earth.

Day 6 was a very busy day. First of all God made animals for the earth, – all the ones that run, jump and crawl on the earth. And God liked what He had made. The Angels had been helping God make all these things, and they made a man to look like themselves, and they called him Adam. They realized that Adam was going to be very lonely by himself and decided to made a friend for him. So they made Adam go sound asleep, and from part of him they made a woman, and called her Eve.
Then God told Adam and Eve to have children so that there would be lots of people on the earth. He also told Adam and Eve that all the plants on the earth had been made for them and for the animals and birds, for food.

Then God looked at everything he had made over those 6 days, and he was really pleased with everything. Then He decided that on the next day, Day 7, He would have a rest day because the Creation was finished.

See if you can answer these questions:
1. When was the very first day and night ever?
2. Did God like what he made?
3. Why did God made a friend for Adam?
4. What were all the plants and fruit trees for?

You can read about the Creation for yourself in Genesis chapter 1.

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