Trusting the Bible

The Bible is not just another book.  It is unique in a number of ways.  A Collins dictionary defines ‘unique’ as “single in kind; having no like or equal; peerless.”

The same dictionary defines ‘believe’ as “to regard as true; to trust (somebody’s word); —to have a firm persuasion, approaching to certainty; to have faith (in); to think; to suppose.”

Now these two definitions sum up the situation that I wish to put before you.  The Bible is unique in a number of ways, and I believe it is thoroughly trustworthy.

What is the Bible?

The Bible is a book that has many unique features.  Consider a few of them:

  • It was written over a period of 1500 years.
  • It was written by over forty authors from every walk of life:
  •     Moses, trained in the presence of Egyptian pharaohs
  •     Joshua, a military general
  •     David, a shepherd boy and musician
  •     Solomon, a king
  •     Amos, a herdsman
  •     Daniel, a prime minister
  •     Matthew, a tax collector
  •     Luke, a medical practitioner
  •     Paul, a Rabbi.
  • It was written in three languages:
  •     Hebrew
  •     Aramaic
  •     Greek.
  • It was written in a variety of circumstances:
  •     in times of  war—David
  •     in times of peace—Solomon
  •     in the desert—Moses
  •     inside prison cells—Paul
  •     while travelling—Luke
  •     while in exile—John
  •     on three different continents
  • Its subject matter covers hundreds of controversial subjects, and yet all its authors speak in harmony!

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Phillip Alexander
Phillip Alexander

John 17:17 Jesus said
sanctify them in Thy truth, Thy word is truth;